Research-Practice Partnership (RPP) Development Workshops For CSforAll


This fall, NNERPP is excited to host a (virtual!) RPP Development Workshop to support research-practice partnership teams applying for NSF’s Computer Science for All (CSforAll) RPP solicitation.

Teams will develop a deeper understanding of what an RPP is, how to form and sustain one, and how to design an RPP project or proposal. In particular, this virtual workshop will emphasize how to identify and refine the problem of practice your partnership seeks to address, strategies for how to carry out partnership research in support of the identified problem, evaluation questions related to improving your partnership efforts, and the kinds of data you will need to collect to inform and improve your project in a timely way. You will leave the workshop with a plan or outline for a project or proposal that you can further develop as an established team.


October 12-16, 2020 | Virtual



September 15, 2020, for priority consideration for coaching opportunity

Extended deadline: September 28, 2020, will be considered for coaching opportunity on a space-available basis



Each day of the workshop includes two blocks of 75 minutes each. During Monday through Thursday, in the first block we will offer information sessions that will present critical information from the workshop curriculum and answer questions from the entire group. In the second block during those four days, we will offer the opportunity for one-on-one coaching with experienced coaches for additional customized support. This one-on-one coaching opportunity is open only to the first 36 teams who apply and get accepted. All subsequent teams who get accepted will be added to a waiting list for coaching. On Friday, the teams that have been selected for the additional coaching opportunity will sign up to meet individually with their coaches for a final feedback session.

Please note all times listed below are in CENTRAL TIME.

12:00 pm CT  SESSION #1 SESSION #2 SESSION #3 SESSION #4 COACHING #5 (sign up)
1:15 pm CT Break Break Break Break Break




To apply, click on the “apply” button above, which will take you directly to the application form. Fill out and submit! Note that only the first 36 teams who apply and get accepted are eligible for daily one-on-one coaching sessions following the lectures. Please apply by September 15 for priority consideration for the coaching opportunity. Additional teams will be added to the waiting list for coaching.

Teams will be notified about their acceptance shortly after the deadlines noted above. 


Eligible teams will:

  • Be able to describe how your RPP project will advance equity in CS education.
  • Have a basic idea of the shared area of interest or CS for All activity that you want to develop and implement together.
  • Consist of 3-4 individuals, including:
    • an educational researcher
    • an educational partner from an LEA/SEA, school network, or similar
    • a computer scientist or CS/CT expert
    • an optional fourth team member representing community partners, informal education partners, evaluators, or additional LEA/SEA or research team members

Priority will be given to full teams of four.

Questions? Please contact us here.





  • RPP Development Workshop for CS4All in San Mateo, CA, November 14-15, 2019. Co-hosted by NNERPP and Digital Promise.
  • RPP Development Workshop for CS4All in Washington, D.C., November 21-22, 2019. Co-hosted by NNERPP and University of the D.C.



To help you get started on the RPP literature, we invite you to explore the following NNERPP resources:

  • RPP Knowledge Clearinghouse: Our curated collection of the most relevant resources and artifacts related to RPPs, organized into 12 major topic areas
  • NNERPP Extra: Our quarterly magazine shares deep and reflective articles around pressing issues in education tackled by research-practice partnerships across the country, the impacts and use of such research on policy and practice, and high priority questions that consider how to engage in RPP work more effectively

We also highly recommend exploring these additional websites for their own important contributions to our knowledge around RPPs:

To get further connected with the CSforAll RPP community, we strongly encourage all teams to visit the following webpage as well:



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