RESEARCH-PRACTICE PARTNERSHIPS, long-term mutually beneficial

formalized collaborations between education researchers and practitioners,

are a promising strategy for producing more relevant research,

improving the use of research evidence in decision making,

and engaging both researchers and practitioners to tackle problems of practice.


Although promising, research-practice partnerships are challenging to create and difficult to maintain.


NNERPP aims to develop, support, and connect research-practice partnerships in education to improve their productivity.

NNERPP is a professional learning community for RPPs working in education.

We currently have 46 members in our network, reflecting a wide variety of approaches to the work.

The NNERPP RPP Knowledge Clearinghouse contains a curated collection of resources to help you with your education RPP efforts.

The 5th NNERPP Annual Forum will take place July 8-10, 2020 in Houston, Texas.


“New edition of NNERPP Extra out now:

Just released: The first edition of Volume 2 of NNERPP | Extra is out now! We are so excited to be back with a brand-new volume of our quarterly magazine. We feel honored that you are back with us for another round — and equally honored if you are just now joining us here. Even as we worry about the considerable impact of COVID-19 on education, we hope to offer in this edition a reminder of the difference we can make as we work collaboratively at the intersection of education research, policy, and practice. Kicking off Volume 2, this issue shares the following articles:

  • Research Insights: We take you through a tour of the different ways research-practice partnerships in NNERPP are studying school climate.
  • RPP Deep Dive: We explore the question ‘Should RPPs be responsible for producing generalizable knowledge?’ from different perspectives.
  • Extra Credit: Spotlight: We learn why taking an RPP approach to Computer Science work can be particularly powerful.
  • Improving Improvement: We introduce a new four-part series featuring the work of Proving Ground in this new section.
  • Research Headlines: We share a roundup listing all of our members’ research from the past quarter

Find the entire issue here, and our website here.

Happy reading!


NNERPP | Extra is a quarterly magazine aiming to deliver key insights from the intersection of education research, policy, and practice and thus build deeper connections across the RPP field.


Chicago Public Schools
Instruction Partners
Research Alliance for New York City Schools
Tennessee Department of Education
Boston Public Schools
Evanston Township High School District 202
The Learning Partnership
UChicago Consortium on School Research
University of Missouri
Education Policy Innovation Collaborative


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Rice University
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