As research-practice partnerships grow in number and reputation, the issue of measuring their actual effectiveness becomes increasingly important. However, with the many arrangements RPPs can take and the various specific outcomes different partnerships identify for themselves, it is not easy to arrive at a common way of assessing effectiveness or even a shared definition of what constitutes effectiveness. Additionally, the evaluation of RPPs is complicated by their systems structure, RPPs being partnerships between two or more (sometimes many more!) different organizations. Arguably, the unifying purpose of all RPPs is to increase the use of research evidence in practice. As such, assessing the impact current RPPs have on local decision making may be a starting point for measuring RPP effectiveness, though this brings up new questions about how to precisely define and measure “impact” or “use of research.”

Accordingly, the literature on assessing RPP effectiveness remains scarce. Yet, some thinking around these ideas has been developed recently, and a unified framework for measuring effectiveness been proposed. These new ideas on effectiveness include partnering aspects such as relationship building and mutual support in addition to increased research use. Explore the resources below to learn about current thinking on the concept of RPP effectiveness.

RESOURCES | Short reads

Assessing research-practice partnerships: Five dimensions of effectiveness

Erin Henrick, Paul Cobb, William Penuel, Kara Jackson, and Tiffany Clark | 2017

William T. Grant Foundation paper

#AssessingEffectiveness #5Dimensions

Research-practice partnerships: A strategy for promoting evidence-based decision-making in education

Laura Wentworth, Chris Mazzeo, and Faith Connolly | 2017

Educational Research article

#RPPimpact #EvidenceBasedDecisionMaking

The partnership pact: Fulfilling school districts’ research needs with university-district partnerships

Nicole Ralston, Bruce Weitzel, Jacqueline Waggoner, Zulema Naegele, and Rebecca Smith | 2016

AILACTE Journal article

#RPPimpact #DistrictLeaderPerspective