Co-developing a mutually agreed upon research agenda that will guide the work of the partnership is one of the defining features of research-practice partnerships. By having the practitioner voice incorporated early on in the research process, RPPs can leverage first-hand knowledge of the most pressing problems of practice and use it to directly inform the research questions. This, in turn, can help facilitate the production of research that is more useful to practitioners. First time co-development of a research agenda may necessitate extra time from both sides, especially if researchers and practitioners are still working towards developing a shared language within which to discuss research.

Some additional guiding questions:


  • How many people should help develop the agenda? (Size matters. Too many voices, and the purpose of the meeting can easily get lost.)
  • Which roles or departments should be represented from the researcher or practitioner side?
  • How often is the research agenda revisited and/or updated?
  • Where do these conversations take place (i.e., at the research institution or the practitioner’s home base or somewhere neutral)?
  • Who needs to know what is on the research agenda? How will this be communicated to those stakeholders?
  • How long or short term is the research agenda? Are there projects that are appropriate for both timelines?

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