Research-practice partnerships (RPPs) at their very core are intentional, formalized joint efforts between agencies that primarily administer education (such as state education agencies, local education agencies, or schools) and those that primarily research education (such as public and private universities, research institutions, or community groups that conduct research) to impact decision making in education through the use of research evidence. While some research-practice collaborations may be formed around particular projects, we reserve the term “partnership” for those efforts that are ongoing and meant to be long-term. A distinguishing feature of partnership work is the purposeful integration of expertise from two often disconnected industries: practice and research in education. Some in the literature have further characterized this relationship as “mutually beneficial,” highlighting the complementary nature this type of work affords the two parties involved.

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Report produced by the UChicago Consortium

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A university and district partnership closes the research-to-classroom gap

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A better research-practice partnership

Erin Henrick, Marco A. Muñoz, and Paul Cobb | 2016

Phi Delta Kappan article

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What is a research-practice partnership?

Paula Arce-Trigatti | 2017

Post featured in NNERPP’s EdWeek blog, “Urban Education Reform: Bridging Research and Practice

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